The Mirena IUD, or intra-uterine device, is a form of birth control that helps prevent pregnancy for up to five years. This device works by releasing progestin levonorgestrel, which is a hormone that prevents the ovaries from releasing eggs. It also thickens the cervical mucus so that the sperm cannot reach the egg.

The Mirena IUD has been approved by the Food And Drug Administration since 2000, and it has been marketed as an effective and safe method of preventing pregnancy. However, there have been a number of complications that have been associated with using the IUD. Some of those complications include migration of the Mirena IUD outside of the uterine wall, infection, uterine wall perforation and expulsion of the IUD. Furthermore, patients may experience complications when the IUD is being surgically removed.

Bayer is the company that manufactures the Mirena IUD. This company has not only received criticism for the potential side effects of this product, but they have also been accused of making false claims. The company claimed that Mirena would increase romance, emotional satisfaction and intimacy. On the contrary, clinical trials have shown that five percent of the women who used this product noticed a decrease in their libido.

Bayer has also claimed that Mirena would help women look great. However, breast pain, acne and weight gain have all been linked to this product. This company has purposely made misleading and false claims. Additionally, Bayer has withheld information about the potential dangers of this product. As a result of this, many women have been unable to decide whether the benefits of Mirena outweigh the potential risks.

Women who have experienced complications while using Mirena may be able to file a lawsuit and get significant financial compensation. If you are interested in filing a lawsuit, then you should contact our lawyers for more information.